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Inspire Writers Center has a mission of reaching as many writers as possible, to help them learn to write their stories, establish their first drafts, complete their manuscripts and publish their books on the schedule and in the manner that best suits them. Implicit in that mission is that IWC is here to assist adult writers and authors to reach their respective goals.It is important to note that the classes, courses, workshops and events offered by Inspire Writers Center are aimed at adults. Specifically, adults over the age of 21. Why is this important?
In elementary school, we learned the basics of "reading, writing and arithmetic", as the saying goes. Hopefully school children are still learning these skills today.
But for many, the opportunities that we had as children have long past, and we are now managing the responsibilities of adulthood while working toward our writing and publishing goals. Adults have limited time to pursue their goals, as compared to school age children.
That is why Inspire Writers Center does not offer classes, courses, workshops or events that are aimed at those under 21. Hopefully our younger citizens and future writers are getting what they need from their school experiences to be achieve their future writing goals.
In the time since Inspire Writers Center was founded in January 2022, we have not knowingly hosted, nor do we intend to host, minors under the age of 21 at any of our functions. Part of what makes Inspire Writers Center an organization like no other is that we do not seek to duplicate what other organizations already offer, including basic writing instruction at an elementary level.
Unless we specifically are invited into classrooms to participate in writing related activities, Inspire Writers Center teachers, employees and directors will not be offering instruction to minors. Our directors and teachers have all passed background checks from FDLE and other agencies. 
Ongoing, this core value will be reflected from time to time in specific wording related to classes, courses, workshops and events, but is specifically intended to apply to everything we do. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Executive Director Malcom Massey, at connect@inspirewriterscenter.org.
Thank you.
P.S. It may also be worth mentioning that we never copy, print or post any author's work that is not in the public domain, nor do we use such material in our classes, and that everything a writer or author shares in class regarding their work is considered their personal intellectual property and will not be shared without their express permission at the submission of their material, in the case of the publication of anthologies, collections, and written summaries.