Be Published in our "Inspiration" anthology imageBe Published in our "Inspiration" anthology imageBe Published in our "Inspiration" anthology image
"What Inspires You?"
First Annual "INSPIRATION" Anthology
Published by Inspire Writers Center
Publish Your 1500 Word Short Story
in our First Annual IWC Prose Anthology!

Deadline: December 31, 2022.
Anthology to be published January 2023!

You've been writing, and by now something you have seen or heard with Inspire Writers Center classes, workshops, coffee breaks, or writing challenges has helped inspire you to write more words, with more enthusiasm, a greater sense of purpose, and hopefully a better result. Whether you were in our #90DayWritingChallenge, #WritingWednesday, or even NaNoWriMo, your writing pen/keyboard should be warmed up and ready to write by this time of the year. 

Would you like to receive a publishing credit for what you've written? Would you like to see your work in print, perhaps for the first time? Here is your opportunity.

Some writers are inspired by the beach, some by the mountains. Others are inspired to write after hearing a certain piece of music, or after an active workout or jog. Other writers have not shared this experience. They have not found the opportunity to be inspired, don't know where to find inspiration, how to get started, how to keep going.

Take this opportunity to express yourself, re-inspire your own writing, focus on what matters to you most, be published and even inspire other writers and authors with your words.

The First Annual "Inspiration" Anthology is looking for writers who have found their writing inspiration, wherever or however that comes to you. We are inviting writers of all levels to submit their 1500 word prose piece for the "Inspiration" Anthology. There is no cost to submit your work to this anthology.

Here are the general guidelines:
1. Write an original, 1500 word prose piece about "What Inspires You" or "Where You Find Inspiration".
2. This piece must be original and not published in any other publication or book as of the time of publication of this anthology, to be published no later than January 31, 2022. You retain all rights to your material and may subsequently submit your work to other publications. All submissions will be credited to the author and will remain the author's intellectual property. 
3. Your 1500 Word piece must be submitted by email to by the deadline of December 31, 2022.
4. Your submission document must be: 
  • a Word document (*.doc or *.docx)
  • 10 point Times New Roman font
  • 1500 words maximum
  • well-edited
  • submitted by email to
  • virus and bot free.
What are the benefits to submitting your work to the "Inspiration Anthology"?
1. Another publishing credit to add to your writing resume.
2. The opportunity for your work to be read by others, resulting in additional exposure.
3. Participation in another event that encourages you to write and produce your best work.

Email your questions to