Announcing #WritingWednesdays! Starting Wednesday September 14, Ending December 28, 2022. Write your way to writing success! Recognition Certificates to be presented January 2023 Email today to participate in the #WriterWednesday Writing Challenge!  Receive encouraging emails, calendar reminders and more!

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The 90 Day Writing Challenge is over, sadly.  However, our writers and authors did produce significant gains in their writing journeys, greatly increasing their writing production totals, we are happy to report!

Several screenplays, multiple short stories, and countless poems were written during this time, not to mention WIPs being expanded. Several completed works were submitted for local, national, and international competitions, including the Amazon UK Storyteller Award.

What will take the place of the #90DayWritingChallenge? Let's run with something we are calling #WritingWednesays.

What is #WritingWednesays? The #WritingWednesays is a writing challenge offered by Inspire Writers Center to motivate writers to reach their personal Fall 2022 writing goals. Why should writers participate in #WritingWednesays?
  • It does not have to be on a Wednesday! Any day you choose is perfect!
  • Gives writers an excuse/reason to set aside writing time
  • You receive weekly motivation and encouragement
  • You spend more time writing than you might on your own
  • Receive encouragement to reach your writing goals
  • No Strict Requirements to participate
  • Set your own goal, either word count or time spent writing
  • Receive a Personalized Writing Calendar reminding you of the day of the week you want to emphasize
Here is a quick run-down on all the details:
  • The #WritingWednesays will run from Sept 1, 2022 to December 28, 2022
  • All writers are eligible, no matter your individual level of experience.
  • You set your goal, receive encouragement to reach that goal, plus a free downloadable calendar to track your progress, and recognition for achieving your writing goal. 
How to Participate:
1. Send an email to to say
you want to participate
the day of the week you wish to emphasize
ask for your free #WritingWednesdays editable calendar to update on your device with word count or hours of writing time. You may also print out. Only one calendar will be sent out during this challenge.
2. Block Out Your Planned Writing Time each day on your calendar (Flex this time as needed)
3. Enlist support of Friends, Family & Other Writers to reach your writing goal.
4. Start Posting Your Participation Your Social Media, using hashtag #WritingWednesays.

Have Questions? Send a note to  
Join the #WritingWednesays today!