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Talking with writers and authors always leads to a discussion about trusted writer and author resources in the publishing process. Inspire Writers Center is introducing a trial program to provide resource information for writer and author resources until 12/31, 2022. As of that time, both providers and users of the resources will be surveyed as to their recommendations for continuation and changes. While resources provided are not guaranteed, they have been utilized by writers and authors actively participating with Inspire Writers Center as instructors, students and participants. Resources will include:

  • -Beta readers
  • -Editors
  • -Independent Publishing Options
  • -Traditional Publishing Options
  • -Manuscript development tools
  • -Title and keyword development tools
  • -Printers - For editing purposes, first drafts, etc. Referral will include latest B/W per copy cost.

These resources are not meant to be exclusive or comprehensive. They will be a part of an writers well-rounded approach to how they intend to pursue their own writing journey. Inspire Writers Center (IWC) will make every effort to vet these resources. At the same time IWC will not be responsible for final results or performance of any of these resources. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, still applies. It is suggested that writers establish a clear expectation, written if possible, between themselves and any provider they may work with, in any setting.

If you would like to receive a resource contact list from Inspire Writers Center, please send an email to connect@inspirewriterscenter.org and specify which of the following areas where you need assistance. Include your name, preferred contact method, deadline if any, and the service or services you may need. You may also specify ALL to indicate that you need referrals for ALL areas. We will respond with an email listing those resources we have available. 

Resources are updated monthly, are evaluated frequently, and may be removed without notice if our authors are not pleased with their results.

If you are a provider of writer resources in the named areas above, please contact us by email to determine if we can add you to our list. Preferred resources will have 3 named referrals with referral contact information, and references will be checked. IWC refers the right to refuse to add a resource to this list at their own discretion. The program will be reviewed at year end.