Why Googling Your Book Title is a Good Idea.

So you're writing a book, and you have chosen the title. You are happy with your title, feel it expresses the heart of what your book is about, and has a catchy ring to it. Even your friends like it. Now that you have decided your title, you are moving forward toward publishing, with a title you like. But have you missed an important step? 

The important step we are speaking of is extremely critical to evaluating your final title for your book. The step? You must search your title on the internet.  Why?

The first thing you are checking for is duplicate titles. If another book has already been written with the title you have selected, it is smart for you to change your title. It may be disappointing now, but this will prevent confusion in marketing your book, where readers might even buy the wrong book.

The other reason for checking the internet for your title is that there may be some organization or even a company with a similar name that you do not want your book associated.

While you are at the keyboard, check your author name or chosen pen name for duplicates or for unwanted associations with individuals and organizations. 

I have known people whose internet search for their book titles and very own names revealed associations with films, organizations & extreme views they did not support. With the writers I coach, I help them to check their titles as early as possible, and to reserve that title for their book. 

These sound like simple steps, but they are very important in today's digital world. The good news is that you can easily check your title, author name and more from as close as your nearest keyboard.